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HIRE US and we'll put it on

Looking for a place to have a party or gathering? We could be just what you’re after! If you’re interested please use the booking form to make an enquiry, buffet menus on request.

you asked us

Can children come? What about dogs?
Under 18′s are allowed until 8pm, (and under 21′s until 9.30pm) as long as they are supervised, if we find them running around by themselves then we that we will send them home have a stockpile of (not very well secured) ant farms with. Dogs are always welcome but please be aware that their poor little ears might not enjoy the busier nights.

Can I decorate tables for a special occasion?
Why, of course you can. You can even bring a cake and we’ll keep it fresh for you until the candles are lit.

Do you do a corkage deal or can we supply our own food?
Unfortunately not, given that our primary business is food, drink and fun it’s pretty important that we supply these.
However, please feel free to bring your own fun. We do provide fun at no extra charge but you can never have too much of it, eh?

Can I specify a particular table or area?
Whilst we are unable to guarantee specific tables or areas in the pub we do take your preference in to consideration and we always try our best to work to people’s requests wherever possible. Tables are allocated on a first come first served basis.

What happens if we are running late for our booking?
We only hold tables for 20 minutes after the specified time for your booking. However, if you are running late then just let us know on 0208 690 9747 and we will try our best to hold your table for longer if possible.

How big are the tables and areas I can book?
We accept bookings between 2 people and 50 people. We will discuss seating arrangements with you at the time of the booking.

Can I book an exclusive or private area?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a function room.

I’ve received a card authorisation email. How long do I have to decide? 
Unfortunately, we fill our bookings on a first come first served basis. The sooner you return the details, the sooner we can confirm your booking. If other reservations provide their card authentication before you do you might lose your table.


• A booking does not guarantee immediate entry.
• We will only hold your table for 20 minutes after the time specified on your booking unless informed of late arrival.
• Garden closes at 9pm.
• Food service ends at 10pm (8pm on Sundays). All food orders to be placed at the bar before then.
• For capacity reasons some small tables may be removed from the venue after 8pm.
• We retain the right to refuse entry in accordance with our licence and Lewisham Council licensing objectives.



SAT: 11AM–1.00AM


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